Danielle Levin

AEA, SAG Eligible

The Language Archive, Symmetry Theatre Company

Lily Janiak, SF Weekly

“...In Levin's rendering Emma has enough spirit and spunk to rip this gossamer play at the seams. She exaggerates her character's comic foibles in a way that subtly make fun of the sweet, clumsy breathlessness with which ingénues are supposed to pant every syllable.”


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strangers, babies, Shotgun Players

Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

“...The anxiety that subtly infuses Danielle Levin's performance adds an uneasy subtext to the first scene in the Shotgun Players production…Levin embodies [May’s] mystery. Her May seems to grow deeper and contain more facets - troublesome, familiar, unknowable - even as she remains our one constant point of contact.”